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This is MY life
MY FAMILY TREE (Just a bush at the moment)
Bikes I Have Known
Birds,Birds, Birds
Travelling With Sid
Photos of mine
Some Poems Wot I Wrote

Hi ! You have arrived at the new home page of Sid Burch. (I`m still working on it)

Me on Dec. 31st 2001

Hi there.

Here is a short history of me. Born and raised in Lambeth, central London, a "city boy". Moved to Bexleyheath, just on the outskirts of London in 1964.  Married in 1983, divorced in 1998 with a son & daughter.  Now my daughter has presented me with twin grandkids, a boy and a girl.  I may be a grandad but I'm still young at heart as you may find out if you read on.

Boy and a bird
This is my son Chris with my Harris Hawk China

Me and an American Alligator August 2000

When I turned 40 I said I would try to learn one new thing every year. I didn`t quite make it. Roller blading, skiing, scuba diving, falconry, ferreting. I am going to try to catch up this year, so I've got to find something new and exciting.

Here are some of my favourite web sites.

Ferret Central (a fun site)

The countryside Agency

The Countryside Alliance