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Eagle Heights Bird of Prey Centre

My Son,Chris first introduced me to birds of prey. One of the falconers from Eagle Heights visited his school with three birds and Chris wanted to see the rest of the birds at the centre. So one chilly March Sunday we went.
It was great. Bald Eagles, falcons, hawks and vultures flying free over the Kent countryside.

Eagle Heights Link

The Centre has education, rehabilitation, and breeding programs. They visit schools to demonstrate for all key stages, run courses from half day introduction to 5 day pre-owner.


This is Talisman the oldest bird at the centre.

I started working with the birds after doing a couple of afternoon flights with the Harris Hawks. First I was cleaning up before opening at weekends then, when the boss was sure I could be trusted with the birds I started flying them on my own. I then did the 5-day course, and started handling all the birds. Eagles, Vultures, and Falcons. What a privilage to work with some of the most beautiful and graceful creatures on Earth. Not to mention potentially some of the most dangerous.


This is China with my son Chris.

Three year ago I decided that I would like to own and fly my own bird. I approached Martin, the centre manager at Eagle Heights and booked a 5 day course. At the end of the 5 days I was confident enough not only to train and fly a bird of prey, but to build a mews and make and fit (with a little assistance) all the leather equipment for the bird.
A few months later I picked up China.
She is a female Harris Hawk (the females are larger and more aggressive than males). The first phase in training is getting the bird used to you and your surroundings which means getting her on the glove and walking her around for as long as she can without "playing up". Once this is done the fun begins....

Female Harris Hawk weighs 2lb 2oz