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This is MY life
MY FAMILY TREE (Just a bush at the moment) | Grandkids | Bikes I Have Known | Birds,Birds, Birds | Travelling With Sid | Photos of mine | Some Poems Wot I Wrote


Photos of mine

Mostly Birds

Zulu the Martial Eagle

Talisman The Bateleur Eagle
She is the oldest bird at Eagle Heights

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Brahmini Kite

Zulu is an African Martial Eagle.  He came to Eagle Heights in 2000 as a yearling from Cameroon in West Africa.  In the wild he would catch anything from rodents to monkeys.  He weighs about 6lbs 8 ozs and is so laid back when some new signs were put up he just sat on his perch and watched what was happening.
Talisman is a Bateleur Eagle.  On "long term loan" to Martin from a keeper who cannot keep her anymore.

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