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Travelling With Sid
This is MY life

I started my travels abroad in 1969.  Mum was working for a cruise company that specialised in "educational holidays".  The ship we went on was the Uganda (she was part of the Falklands war hospital convoy).  We slept in dormitories on proper bunks and were just above the water line.  From what I can remember, we stopped off in Lisbon, Gibraltar,Casablanca, and Vigo.  It was only a short one compared to some of the later jaunts.
From 1969 to 1982 I went on a cruise every year, normally in late September or early October.  I think my favourite destinations were Casablanca because of the Souks (the markets in the old town) , Naples for Vesuvius and Pompei, Athens for the chance to go to Delphi, and good old Gibraltar, England with hot sunshine.
The Souks in Morrocco are fantastic. You can buy almost anything from gold to water. And bargaining is a must. When I first went there if you had English siver coins you could get a better bargain than if you had the local currancy.  The gold was never hallmarked but when I had a piece valued when I got home they found it was almost 20ct.
Naples has so much in it's favour, but if the wind is in the wrong direction, the saying should be "smell Naples and die".  The surrounding countryside is spectacular, and Vesuvius is everpresent.  From the city its a short trip to the foot of the volcano, where you could take a chair lift to the summit and take a guided tour of the cone.  About 15 minutes away by road is Pompei.  Well worth a visit to see the remains (human and architectoral).  

The U.S.A.
Since the late eighties I have travelled quite a bit in the States.  It started with the usual Orlando/Disney trip with the family.  Two weeks of theme parks and beaches, when we got home I needed a holiday.  After that first trip I had it sussed.  Two days at the park and one day by the pool with a six pack while the girls go shopping. 
Eating in the States is a serious business.  Most of the tourist areas around Florida have "All you can eat buffets" that cost about $5.00 for adults.  If you are on a budget this is the ideal way to top up before the theme parks.  If you are on the road you can't beat the small road houses (cafes).  Where ever you eat coffee top ups are free.  for a good evening meal try to find a good Steak house (I reccommend a chain called TONY ROMA )  and try a SURF & Turf (lobster & steak).
In 1990 we did something different.  Three days in New York, five days in Nashville and Memphis and seven days in Orlando. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.  We actually flew between States but did an awful lot of driving.  In New york forget hire cars , the subway, buses and on foot is the only way to get from A to B.  The City is beautiful and you could see two buildings from almost everywhere, the TWIN TOWERS. 
In August 1992 we took our longest and probably most adventurous trip.  We had 3 weeks of driving and sightseeing in Arizona and California.  Flying into Pheonix we started with places from the wild west.  Tombstone, Silver City etc.  After about 5 days playing cowboys and going to a swapmeet (boot sale in the UK) we motored from Pheonix (114 deg by 10am) to Flagstaff (chilly by UK standards ).
When in Arizona the one thing not to miss is the GRAND CANYON. A spectacular sight especially when a thunderstorm is in full flight.  As well as the canyon there are meteor craters and the Navaho reservation to visit.
From Flagstaff there is only one road to follow to LA thats ROUTE 66.  Most of  route 66 is now renumbered as various other roads but some sections are still there. About half way between Flagstaff and the California State line is Lake Taho, where they put the old London Bridge.  Having walked across it in London, I just had to see what happened to it.  It looks great, and at night it is really beautiful all lit up. 

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Me with a 6 ft plus Gator Aug 1999

The U.S.A. (cont.)
The last few times we have been to the States it has been jiust me and "the boy".  Mainly spending a few days in Orlando to do the latest rides, then off to chill in the Keys and Everglades.  Sounds boring but there is always something different to try. 
The first year on our own we learned to scuba dive which is an experience I can recommend.  It took 5 days but most fo the time you are in the pool or in the sea. 

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