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This is MY life
Some Poems Wot I Wrote


MY FAMILY TREE (Just a bush at the moment)
Bikes I Have Known
Birds,Birds, Birds
Travelling With Sid
Photos of mine
Some Poems Wot I Wrote

Perfect Day

Black leather, black hair
Bad girl, I don`t care
So good looking, pretty eyes
Please don`t tell me any lies

Bike in trim, ready to go
Country lanes, ain`t too slow
Sun is warm, breeze is too
Girl it`s good to be with you

Dreamland rocks, Elvis sings
Rock`n`roll music, Margate swings
Food and drink, having fun
Then we watch the setting sun

Riding home, going slow
Road is dark, lights are low
Moon is up, soon be there
Girl do you know how much I care

Sweet Monday
Laying so close to you
I feel your soft dark hair
your warm fragrant body
so close to me
Our lips giving and taking
feelings showing no bounds
Passions almost overflow
promises of things to come
A stolen hour together
can it last longer?
A parting kiss, the final touch
Longing for the next time
Long dark hair cascading down
luscious lips so sweet  to kiss
Olive skin and eyes of brown
She's a girl I'd hate to miss


Polished engine
Wheels of chrome
Tank of black
She`s coming home

Big twin motor
Running hard
Thunders, roars
Into the yard

Dogs are barking
People stare
Here she comes
And we don`t care